Membership of CCN is free and open to all Scottish community-led groups that support local action to protect & restore marine and coastal biodiversity.

All our member’s activities occur within geographically defined areas (be that a village, town, island, or even particular stretches of coast or sea area), and is led by and accountable to the people who live and work there.

CCN constitutes a wide assortment of groups and organisations. Some groups are informal, with activities run solely by local volunteers with a common interest. Others have become more formally organised, holding modest funds, sometimes employing staff, owning assets and delivering a limited range of local activities. These are often regulated as charities but retain their local focus. All our members must be firmly rooted in and accountable to their community.

We celebrate the diversity of our members’ interests and activities, recognising that each community brings unique strengths and perspectives to the table. However, CCN members sign up to some common principles (see below) and must agree to work towards CCN’s vision and aims.

CCN Advisory Group

An Advisory Group of individuals is drawn from the wider membership. The main purpose of the Advisory Group is to provide advice and guidance on the strategic direction of CCN, its priorities, and to provide technical input on local and other matters of relevance to the CCN Coordinator. There is an annual selection process for joining.

CCN Principles

Geographical rooting

You are rooted in place, with a definable and expressed area of interest.

Marine & coastal conservation

You have a stated aim on marine and/or coastal conservation that aligns with CCN’s vision, and you work on one or more issues related to the marine & coastal environment that are of concern to local residents.


Your group is clearly grounded in and directed by local concerns and interests, demonstrably independent from external, non-local groups.

Membership and community support

Your group has a demonstrated and growing membership of individuals from your local area who are passionate about the cause of marine conservation and actively support your group’s activities. Additionally, your group has developed good relationships with local organisations and community leaders.


Your group makes decisions collectively and transparently, and you hold a group constitution or are working towards one.

Active participation

Your group is undertaking activities in your local area as per your group’s stated aims around marine conservation, and you are keen to join the Network as an active member, to learn from others and/or to share expertise.

Political neutrality

Your group is not affiliated with any specific political party or group, but is open to working with politicians from every political party in order to further marine conservation in Scotland.

Openness to collaboration

Your group is open to collaboration with other members of the Network on joint projects and initiatives.


Your group values inclusivity and actively works to involve and engage a diverse range of voices and perspectives in your activities and decision-making processes.

Would you like your group to join the Network? To find out more, please contact us.  CCN also collaborates with many external groups.  Find out more about Friends of CCN.