The Coastal Communities Network is currently comprised of 19 community groups, located in coastal and island areas across Scotland.  The CCN Advisory Group, formed of 6 people drawn from across CCN, meets online monthly to think through key issues, with decision making remaining the responsibility of the full membership.  CCN community group members, the beating heart of CCN, play a very active role in the Network’s decision-making – as such all groups pledge to fulfil the following criteria:

Scottish Community of Place

You are rooted in place, with a definable and expressed area of interest.

Working Towards Change

CCN is a Network of change-makers; we seek to identify and vocalise our concerns within the systems, which dictate how the marine environment is managed, and we are keen to work with other like-minded groups, who see the opportunities in pushing through reform.

Multi-Issue Marine Conservation

Within your geographical rooting, you have a stated aim on marine conservation, which aligns with CCN’s vision, and you work on a number of issues that are of concern to local residents and related to the marine environment (please note CCN is also keen to work with single-issue marine groups, however, we encourage those groups to consider joining CCN under the Associated Organisation status).

Representation and Membership

You have an evidenced following of local members and/or supporters in your area, who support the cause you are working towards, and whose support provides you with a local mandate for your activities.


Your group is clearly grounded in, and directed by, local concerns and interests, demonstrably independent from external, non-local, groups.


You are undertaking activities in your local area as per your group’s stated aims around marine conservation, and you are keen to join the Network as an active member, to learn from others and/or to share expertise.


Decisions are made collectively and transparently, and you hold a group constitution – or you are working towards this.

Political Neutrality

You are not affiliated to any specific political party or group, but are open to working with politicians and MSPs from every political party in order to further marine conservation in Scotland.

By joining CCN, community groups share these common principles, alongside the CCN vision and aims. The Network also recognises that it is diverse in its interests and activities across all members – and that is to be celebrated – but we are united in our mission to protect and preserve our nearby waters.

Would you like your group to join the Network? To find out more, please contact us.  CCN collaborates with many external groups.  Find out more about Friends and Supporters.