South Skye Seas initiative (SSSi)

Cover image Loch Eishort © SSSi

South Skye Seas initiative (SSSi) is a community-based group working towards a protected and healthy marine environment within the South Skye sea lochs. SSSi seeks to tackle the absence of adequate protection for marine biodiversity in and around Lochs Eishort, Slapin and Scavaig and the ongoing threat of ecologically unsustainable commercial development.

SSSi collaborates with the South Skye community and numerous wildlife organisations to record, monitor and protect marine and seashore biodiversity.

Since 2019, SSSi have been conducting surveys of the South Skye sea lochs, including ROV surveying, shoreline monitoring and monitoring of Priority Marine Features (PMFs).  The collected data has been provided to National databases to inform policy for the region.  SSSi have been closely involved with the SNH and CCN joint community-led marine monitoring project and have been pioneering new approaches and equipment to benefit their survey efforts, and sharing this learning with other communities.