South Skye Seas initiative (SSSi)

Cover image Loch Eishort © SSSi

SSSi is a community-based environmental project working towards a protected and healthy marine environment within the South Skye sea lochs. SSSi seeks to tackle the absence of adequate protection for marine biodiversity in and around Lochs Eishort, Slapin and Scavaig and the ongoing threat of ecologically unsustainable commercial development.

SSSi collaborates with the South Skye community and numerous wildlife organisations to record, monitor and protect marine and seashore biodiversity.

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Conduct marine biological recording, habitat mapping and ecological research.

Improve conservation measures and, where already damaged, promote the recovery of important ecosystems within the South Skye sea lochs.

Increase public awareness of the qualities of the loch system and the need for adequate protection through outreach to schools, local environment groups and the general community.

Encourage community involvement leading to an enhanced sense of stewardship & well-being.

Initiate citizen science projects.

Build & maintain relationships between the community, conservation NGOs & relevant authorities.