Fair Isle Marine Environment & Tourism Initiative (FIMETI)

 Cover image © Tommy H Hyndman

Fair Isle Marine Environment & Tourism Initiative (FIMETI) is a community initiative which was established by residents of Fair Isle in 1995 with the driving focus of securing local management of the marine waters around the isle. In November 2017 Fair Isle’s seas were designated as the first Demonstration & Research Marine Protected Area (DR MPA) in Scotland – this community developed site is now set up to research the ecological features and impacts on local seabird populations and the wider marine environment whilst also studying the socio-economic value of a healthy marine environment and partnership-led management.

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FIMETI is currently a sub-group of the Fair Isle Community Association however the Fair Isle community are in the process of establishing a new group with legal and charitable status, until then please contact those listed on the website for anything related to the Demonstration & Research Marine Protected Area.

Provide adequate protection for the marine environment surrounding Fair Isle in recognition of its cultural as well as its environmental values and traditions for the benefit of the Isle, its inhabitants, its visitors and the nation.

Demonstrate the continued role and value of safeguarding the marine resource through sustainable management as traditionally practised by Fair Isle folk

To maintain and enhance the marine environment and related traditional activities currently and for future generations

Provide facilities and interpretation which will benefit and serve tourists; widen the range of tourism atractions offered by the Isle; make Fair Isle a model and a focal point for environmentally positive tourism.