Friends of Loch Hourn

Established in 2020, Friends of Loch Hourn has over 100 members including residents, landowners, fishermen and others with a strong connection to the affairs affecting the marine ecology of Loch Hourn.  The purpose of The Friends of Loch Hourn is the advancement of environmental protection and ecological sustainability with particular reference to Loch Hourn and the surrounding area.

Friends of Loch Hourn is a non-hierarchical, unincorporated community group in one of the most remote areas on the west coast. The loch itself is a dramatic, deep fiord-like sea loch, surrounded by several Munro peaks; it is in the heart of what used to be called the ‘rough bounds’, famous for its wilderness, stark beauty and sparse population. The group came together in response to the planned expansion of a large open-pen salmon farm. Awareness of the ecological impact that this farm has had on the marine environment over the last 30 years has finally dawned on the local community who have witnessed the slow decline in marine life and biodiversity in the loch.