Knoydart Climate Action Group

Cover Image © Knoydart Loch Nevis Group

The Knoydart Foundation (KF) is responsible for c.17,500 acres of community-owned land on the Knoydart peninsula, following a community buyout in 1999.  Since conception, KF’s primary focuses have been managing this land in the best interests of the community and encouraging a thriving and sustainable population on Knoydart. This has already led us to environmental work such as ongoing deer management, planting new woodlands (in partnership with the Knoydart Forest Trust (KFT)), maintaining and upgrading the community-owned hydroelectric scheme, and continuing to promote the dramatic beauty of this place as a means of encouraging our visitors to connect with nature.

The Knoydart Climate Action Group (KCAG) is affiliated to the Knoydart Foundation and aims to implement, facilitate and promote work on and around the Knoydart peninsula to further contribute to the mitigation of the climate and biodiversity crisis, address challenges arising from climate change / human impacts on nature, and build resilience within the Knoydart community for a sustainable future.  The KCAG wishes not only to support and increase KF’s existing land and community-based environmental work, but also expand into marine conservation activities to ensure that the rich ocean habitats around Knoydart – no less vital to our community / environment than the land – are recognised, protected and nurtured.