East Haven Together

East Haven is one of the earliest recorded fishing communities in Scotland, dating back to 1214. The octocentenary of the village was celebrated with a wide range of gardening and heritage projects in 2014 and a new charity, called East Haven Together, was subsequently launched in 2015.  A sustainability strategy linked to the United Nations Global Development Goals underpins the charitable aims of East Haven Together.

East Haven Together works on a number of different levels to protect the marine environment. The charity works collaboratively with other groups, businesses and schools along the Angus coast.  Since 2015, EHT has raised a number of issues at UK and Scottish Government level in an attempt to influence policy and legislative change. For example, we have worked to reduce the amount of ghost fishing gear lost through sabotage and have met with fishing industry leaders. More recently we have shone a light on the weakness of MARPOL regulations which allow military ships to dump waste unnecessarily in peace time. We are involved in everything from littering to pollution, disposal of marine waste and chemical contamination.