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CCN statement on Scottish Government’s Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture

A CCN statement on Scottish HPMAs

Zero Nets! Scotland’s coastal communities support calls for pause to fish farm expansion

Empowering grassroots efforts for a sustainable future

Communities celebrate our wild seas – and a conservation hero!

An end to the unlawful use of Acoustic Deterrent Devices

Seawilding: sowing the seeds for community-led marine restoration

Supporting a local vision for Loch Eriboll

Edinburgh Ocean Leaders exchange with CCN

Restoration Forth: the seagrass search begins

Mapping the Forth coastline through art

Sowing the seeds of recovery: community-led marine restoration in Scotland

Gartmore 3: Coastal Communities Network Workshop

Berwickshire Marine Reserve Marine Monitoring

U-turn on Clyde cod protection area

Scotland’s first seagrass restoration guide

Recruitment: Coastal Communities Network Coordinator

Seagrass and oyster restoration begins in the Forth

Over 40 fish farms ‘unsatisfactory’, says government watchdog

Listen to local voices – Scotland’s coastal communities

FFI Scotland Marine Restoration Internship

‘Saving Scotland’s Giant Skate’ Film

Seagrass Harvest Open Day at Loch Craignish!

Trailblazing standard to tackle plastic pellet pollution

Scotland’s first seaweed festival!

Calls for three-mile limit for Scottish coast

MCS: Big Seaweed Search

‘Clam cam’ reveals flapper skate nursery

Cleaning up sea loch to bring wildlife back

Seal scarer devices may harm harbour porpoise

A Vision for National Marine Parks in Scotland

Seagrass restoration at Loch Craignish

Argentina and Chile: “No to salmon farming”

UK promise to “halt the decline of nature”

Bottom-trawling report from Seas at Risk

Oysters returned to the Firth of Clyde

No-Take Zones boost fish populations, research suggests

Blue carbon and rewilding our waters

A Whale In The Room: Sea Change Wester Ross

Depleted seas recover in pioneering no-take-zone

Illegal Scallop Dredging Allegations

Rural communities and visitor pressures

Out of the blue: Blue carbon in Scotland

Flapper Skate MPA: A Case Study

Funding for community marine surveys

Seaweed Cultivation in Scotland: A Guide

Protecting our seas must be a priority

90% of seagrass meadows lost across the UK

Lochaline Native Oyster Project launches

Meet Scotland’s community-led MPA officers!

The fight against salmon farming in the Argentine Sea

New film highlights impact of dredging on communities

Scotland’s effort to protect its biodiversity ‘inadequate’

Global salmon farming harming marine life

Noise pollution hurting marine life

Open Seas: a decade of decline in Scotland’s seas

A song of hope for Scotland’s seas!

Marine Scotland accused of mismanaging fishing

Calls to ban trawling in protected areas

Ban on single-use plastic ‘imperative’

Extraordinary discovery in South Arran Marine Protected Area

Fight for Scotland’s Nature

Scottish Parliament fails on Nature Emergency

Beachwatch Bute’s benches

Wardie Bay campaigners seek water quality monitoring

Fish Farm objection for Wester Ross MPA

Scotland failed to prevent marine feature loss

Skate nursery site found in community-led survey

The Edinburgh Declaration: Coastal Communities Respond

Guest Blog: Ecosystem Based Management

New deep sea Marine Protected Area

Open Seas: West Shetland Shelf MPA

World fails to meet biodiversity targets

Tighter controls for Scotland’s coastal waters

UK fails on 17 of 20 UN biodiversity targets

Climate change threat to Scotland’s seabed

Involve local groups in protecting biodiversity

Highland community appeals for Killundine benefactor

Edinburgh Declaration calls for commitment to nature

Scotland at risk of losing environment laws

Argyll fish farm breaks free in storm

Ocean Rebellion from Gometra island

Creel fishers lodge judicial review

Acoustic Deterrents used at over 140 fish farms

Blue recovery: the role of Scotland’s seas

Seawilding: Loch Craignish Native Oysters

16,000 year old Kelp found off Scotland

Most UK sharks have consumed microfibres

Create a coastal blue belt, scientists urge

Scotland’s new draft environment laws

Farmed salmon deaths at record high

Rewilding The Sea

Scotland fails to protect marine areas

The Great Global Nurdle Hunt

Open Seas: Way off track

From sofa to seabed: virtual training

Climate benefits of MPAs revealed

Seal shooting banned in Scotland

Can marine wildlife crimes be treated like on land?

Highly Protected Marine Areas backed by Independent Review

COAST: World Oceans Day 2020

Route map towards £1 billion for nature

Toxic fish farm pesticide polluted lochs

Silence is golden for whales during lockdown

Fishers’ and TV chefs’ plea to eat local fish

Supertrawlers off Scottish coast spark fears for marine life

Microplastics come with the currents

Connecting Community Heritage

Economic report on costs of salmon farming

Innovative ways to catch premium white fish

Open Seas: Fish Local

Out of the Covid crisis comes community action

World’s oceans can be restored within 30 years, report says

How to stay in touch with nature during Covid-19 lockdown

First puffins of the season arrive at the Isle of May

A “muckle” big lobster gives hope for Berwickshire

£1.3 million funding boost for Scotland’s marine wildlife

Plastic pollution affecting more than 900 marine species

To protect or not to protect: Is that really the question when dealing with the marine environment?

Fish farm companies bid to use bee-harming pesticide

Seagrass restoration project to resurrect UK’s sea meadows

Brexit opportunity to ban supertrawlers from UK waters

New colony of rare freshwater pearl mussels discovered

Scotland’s first open ocean fish farm set to be trialled

Plastic pollution may be spreading antibiotic resistance

New report reveals toxic chemical legacy in cetaceans

Import of Norwegian salmon eggs banned over deadly virus

Number of annual Sepa inspections down by a quarter

Mowi sees profits hit by sea lice, disease and escapes

Toxic algae blooms linked to rise in sea temperature

A matter of life and algae: exploring the potential of seaweed

Blue Acceleration: an eerie feeling of déjà vu

Albatross fitted with radar detectors to spot illegal fishing

Basking sharks hang out in family groups, research finds

Mass escape from Colonsay fish farm after Storm Brendan

A cry for kelp: why Scotland’s green future could be blue

Ocean temperatures hit record highs as heating accelerates

Government grant to track wild salmon on ocean migration

£190k funding to monitor at-risk whales and dolphins

Campaigners call for Scottish three-mile coastal fishing limit

Government plans for kelp dredging trials raises alarm

Scottish wildlife at risk from 40% public funding cuts

The ocean is finally getting the attention it deserves at COP25

Sunburns can plague farmed fish, new research suggests

Sperm whale found dead with 100kg litter ball in stomach

Storms create fish farming ghost gear, says ASC

CCN’s Seabed Reform Sub-Group Statement: Illegal Dredging in MPA’s

Tonnes of fish discarded as bycatch in the UK, FOI finds

Squid trawlers under fire for entering protected waters

Scottish government defied industry pleas on salmon photos

Scottish salmon exports face US ban for cruelty to seals

Demand for farmed fish causing wild fish stocks to collapse

Gear conflict over Scottish fishing grounds escalates

Loch Creran polluted by plastic waste from fish farm company

Rogue fishermen escape prosecution as fines fall

State of Nature report confirms UK biodiversity crisis

Saving Scotland’s seabed: an example from Norway

Proposed West of Scotland MPA will be Europe’s largest

New IPCC report signals red alert on “Blue Planet”

Inspections of lice-ridden salmon farm were a “whitewash”

Dolphins in English Channel carry toxic cocktail of chemicals

Bringing humanity back into harmony with nature

Europe’s marine sanctuaries no more than paper parks

Public underrates crisis of the natural environment

Number of stranded whales in the UK on the rise

After bronze and iron, welcome to the plastic age

NTS objects to plans for big salmon farm off the isle of Canna

Farmers produce sustainable prawns in a Lincolnshire field

Skippers breaking fishing laws are fined anonymously

Studies suggest that migrating salmon take group decisions

COP26: Glasgow could host 2020 UN climate summit

SharkCam to reveal the secret life of basking sharks

FOI request reveals 112 incursions into Scottish MPAs

Police Scotland acts as “private security” for fish farms

Rise of ocean heatwaves threatens Scottish marine life

North Sea cod at critically low levels, Ices report warns

Probe launched into suspected illegal scallop dredging

Video evidence revals illegal scallop dredging off Jura

Dive in to the new Berwickshire snorkel trail

Ban on illegal discard of fish at sea is not being enforced

MPA benefits spill into neighbouring waters, study finds

West Shetland Shelf MPA to open up to trawling

Mowi set to relocate two controversial salmon farms

International and geopolitical fisheries disputes on the rise

Deep-sea mining to turn oceans into new industrial frontier

Scottish fisher fined for scallop dredging off Guernsey

Salmon industry expansion threatens wild fish stocks

Brexit endangers environmental laws in Scotland

Coastal communities missing out on government funding

Seaweed and kelp farming changing fortunes in Alaska

The Atlantic Ocean is “running out of breath”

Footage of suffering salmon prompts inquiry into animal cruelty

Fish farming industry bids to relax limits on toxic pesticide

First ever UK Hope Spot declared in Scotland

Public agencies accused of blocking Freedom of Information

Large expansion to UK marine conservation zones

Habitat loss endangers ecological relationships

Marine plastic poisons oxygen-producing bacteria

Minke whale dies in the Outer Hebrides, entangled in rope

Scottish government too close to salmon farmers

Pollution from salmon hatchery endangers mussels

Visitors to seabird colonies urged to check for stowaways

Public urged to respect marine wildlife

20,000 pieces of plastic found on the Firth of Forth

UN issues world alert over species extinction rates

Restoring degraded oyster beds and reefs

Algae outbreak kills thousands of farmed salmon

Fishing to feed salmon farms emptying seas

Entangled whale dies off East Lothian

Harbour porpoises dying in UK waters

Scotland’s wild salmon ‘at lowest ever level’

Plankton study charts rise of ocean plastic

Climate change: Scottish shellfish threatened

Patagonia launches salmon farm campaign

Benefits from Scotland’s ‘natural capital’ growing

Thank the ocean with every breath

Scottish salmon firm drops ‘sustainable’ branding

Giving teeth to marine protected areas

Hopes for Scottish herring recovery

Loch Carron given permanent protection

The Blue Planet UK effect

UK will miss almost all 2020 nature targets

Scotland land ownership ‘damaging communities’ in some areas

Otter resurgence is going swimmingly

Citizen Science Comes of Age

Minke whales recorded off east Scotland

Suspicious scallop dredging reported in Sound of Mull

Fishermen’s beacons tackle ghost gear issue

Salmon farms raided in EU competition probe

Oban woodland added to chain of ‘rainforest’ sites

Shellfish under threat from acidic oceans

Marine conservation studies set for Skye and Lochalsh

Open Seas: Dredging in the dark

UK trawlers ignoring fish discards ban

Plastic-free wine: help marine life

FFI: When is an MPA not an MPA?

New Nets Lead to Drop in Seal Culls

Sea Change: The debate on salmon farming

Arran is Scotland’s first Plastic Free Community

St Kilda Reefs and Sea Caves in “Good Condition”

Rising Ocean Temperatures Catastrophe

Chilean salmon farmers to clean seabed

Atlantic Wolffish Being Driven to Extinction

UK MPs urge protection treaty for seas

Calls to ban trawling within 3nm of coastline

Thai seafood linked to illegal fishing

Farmed Salmon Disease Prevention Research

A local view helps the fight for the ocean

Calls to urgently protect Scotland’s coastal waters

40+ Groups demand Marine Scotland Inquiry

Sea Change: The three mile limit

FFI: Scotland’s kelp forests

Insight: 2018, a year for climate change

Science above politics of fisheries

Final European fishing deal ‘challenging’

Half the fish at Wester Ross farm die

Calum Duncan: Oceans need protection

SCA: Coastal communities keep their kelp

Fish discards exemptions soar before ban

Film of seabed ‘pulverised’ by scallop dredging

Anger over reports of illegal dredging

Rules tightening on Scottish salmon aquaculture

CCN Statement: Salmon Farming in Scotland

MSPs demand tougher regulation for fish farming

November CCN Newsletter Published!

Review of seaweed harvesting announced

Learning Exchange Part 2: Visiting the VMR

Learning Exchange Part 1: CAOLAS visit Berwickshire

Fisheries warn of Brexit threat

MBL claim kelp harvesting ‘entirely sustainable’

Probe into alleged illegal dredging in Gairloch

LINK Launch Bid for Scotland Environment Act

Wildlife damaged by fish farm chemicals says SEPA

SEPA launch salmon farming sector shake-up plan

Blue Carbon forum launched

Tagged Albatrosses monitor illegal fishing

Jonny Hughes: Time to stop plundering the sea

Scientists warn of trawler damage to coastal waters

Sir David Attenborough demands MSPs protect kelp

Edible crabs won’t cope with climate change

Listening to the Baltic Sea Harbour Porpoise

UK failing to protect its porpoises rules EU

Designating MPAs may have unseen political effects

Revealed: the millionaires hoarding UK fishing rights

Government to environmentally assess UK seas

The 2018 Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference

£1.5m put into new vessel tracking systems

Sea, Soul and Society at Sea Scotland 2018

Divers hunt ghost fishing gear at Scapa Flow

Race for vast remote MPAs a diversion?

Government must act to help our inshore fleet

Gove calls for protection for 30% of world’s oceans

Fears raised over eco risks of fish farm expansion plan

New database tackles marine biodiversity crisis

Toxic pesticide alarm for Scotland’s woodlands

Tory MSP accused of fishy business

Project seeks to boost rare pearl mussels

Fish farm ADDs harm other marine life

Why are beaked whales stranding again?

Sick salmon at Scottish fish farm revealed on film

Big company plan to harvest kelp makes waves

‘Scallop wars’ are just a pre-Brexit skirmish

What did the dolphin say to the porpoise?

Sealives: COAST – Part 2

Fairlie Coastal: A manifest Breach of EIA legislation

Kelp dredging proposal criticised by Scottish conservationists

Sealives: COAST – A Marine Protection Success Story

Retaining decomissioned North Sea oil rigs could help corals thrive

Open Seas: Seabed Reform

Plastic, warm seas and propellers: the Cornwall turtle

Footage suggests basking sharks use Scottish seas for courtship

Governments Start Formal Talks on High Seas Treaty

Rare coral and new species found in Irish waters

Pollution and overfishing top seafood consumers’ concerns

Scottish salmon farming expansion must stop, say critics

Creel fishermen want faster action over trawler ban call

Thousands of offences by Scottish fishing industry escape fines

Brown Crabs Are Attracted to Undersea Power Cables

Study to delve into unusual sponge belt off Scotland

Almost all world’s oceans damaged by human impact

Is Canada Taking Shortcuts to Hit Marine Protection Targets?

Scotland lagging behind the rest of the UK on recycling

Study Shows Moving Fish Farms Enables Seagrass to Thrive

New sharks could be found around UK as seas warm

Rights not ‘fortress conservation’ key, says UN expert

Simon Barnes: How plastic is ruining our oceans

New whale watching base on the Firth of Forth

Icelandic whalers condemned over blue whale ‘slaughter’ claims

One in three fish caught never makes it to the plate

Open Seas: UK Government Fisheries White Paper

First Stage of Priority Marine Feature Review Opens

Mapping Scotland’s seas

Wester Ross MPA – An Underwater Eden

Whale Track named as finalist in National Lottery Awards!

Conservationists urge licensing for marine wildlife tours

Open Seas: Stories From Scotland’s Seabed (Part 4: Flame Shell beds)

Super-rare giant sponge discovered in Cambodian MPA

Who cares about eelgrass?

The Sealives Initiative – Salmon Coast Field Station

Disputed Shetland scallop fishery retains ecolabel

World leading microbeads ban comes into force

Spotting rogue fishing boats

Proposed Marine Conservation Zones for English Waters

Open Seas: Stories From Scotland’s Seabed (Part 3: Horse Mussel beds)

Open Seas: Stories From Scotland’s Seabed (Part 2: Native Oysters)

Open Seas: Stories from Scotland’s Seabed (Part 1)

Call for improved sustainability in post-Brexit fishing sector

Seaweed researchers test a growth industry

Richard Lilley: Help us put seagrass meadows on the map

Gartmore 2: The Coastal Communities Workshop 2018

A third of ‘protected’ nature areas are quietly being ruined

Report offers global outlook on efforts to beat plastic pollution

Silence falls on Shetland cliffs that once echoed to seabirds’ cries

Scotland missing targets to prevent wildlife extinction

Porpoises Flee from Noise Pollution

Scottish Land Fund boost for Shetland

Government Launches 10 Year Farmed Fish Health Framework

Have you heard about horse mussel beds?

What History Gives, the Sea Steals

Seagrass supports 20% of fisheries, research finds

Loss of marine habitats is threatening the global fishing industry

Fife beach ‘worst’ for nurdle pollution

Trail to Promote Scotland as Top Whale-Watching Destination

NTS call for a moratorium on fish farming in Scotland

Ulva community ownership secured

UK launches new research hub to tackle marine plastic

New fund to protect heritage assets in Highlands and Islands

Orkney’s shipwreck graveyard is bursting with life

Reflections on community-led action research

Sprat – the damage done

Fish Farms are catching wrasse to clean their salmon

UK sustainable seas inquiry launched

Skye salmon farm expansion could risk local businesses

Marine month at Scottish Natural Heritage

Commonwealth Blue Charter on ocean action

Giant Kelp: Here to Help

Is Scotland’s National Marine Plan fit for purpose?

The tragic demise of Scotland’s salmon

Rare sightings of orca whales in the Clyde

Seagrass meadows key to combating rising sea levels

Drones used to monitor wild salmon

Why the fuss about nurdles?

Turning Birds into Spies Against Illegal Fishing

Skye salmon farms approved despite warnings

Pilots to identify Scotland’s marine litter hotspots

Grey fish: Scotland’s seafood traceability problem

Scientists look at methods to clean up salmon farms

Success of Orkney’s V Notch Lobster Project

Scottish Water to review Gairloch waste water plans

The power of citizen science to protect the mangrove crab

Report suggests sustainable fishing could create jobs

There is no ‘one-size fits all approach’ to ocean protection

Introduction to the SIFIDS Project

Row over ‘irresponsible’ trial of electrofishing for clams

A spotlight on locally-led tourism

Skye islanders object to two new salmon farms

North Sea Dolphins remain vulnerable

A guillemot’s tale

The tip of the trash heap

Marine Protected Areas Are Not An Either/Or

Scottish Government bid to exempt salmon farming from US ban

Huge herring spawning ground discovered in Wester Ross

Opinion: Bigger is not better for ocean conservation

Consultation on permanant protection for Loch Carron

Crown Estate devolution: an opportunity for the marine environment?

From East coast to West coast: community learning exchange

Climate Change: the Ocean Never Forgets

Eat herring and mackerel to support UK after Brexit…

Cambodia creates first marine national park

Fishing for krill is an eco-disaster

Opinion: There’s hope for our blue planet

Protest held against Gairloch waste water changes

UN move towards recognising right to healthy environment

Wise Oceans Interview: Jenny Stark from COAST

Freezing weather drives mass die-off of sea creatures

MSPs warning over salmon farming impact on environment

Views sought on new scheme for community asset management

Isles beauty spots poised for Rural Tourism Funds

Sewage plan sparks outrage in Gairloch

Small-scale fisheries discards analysed

Song of the Clyde: saving the river

Blowing in the wind: picking apart the plastic problem

Global fishing activity mapped and analysed

Islanders plan unusual community buyout bid

Debt-swap deal for marine protection in Seychelles

What does the future hold for seagrass?

Salmon farming controls in Scotland criticised

Scotland a great place to see whales and dolphins

New research finds carbon dioxide dissolves starfish

Sewage having serious impact on UK seagrass

Scottish sea lochs ‘important stores’ of carbon

Are we right to demonise plastic?

Scottish summit on marine litter announced

The empowered community voice in action

Scotland’s red squirrels are recovering

Jellyfish Threaten Norway’s Salmon Farming Industry

Anger as illegal dredgers tear up protected seabed

Divers uncover Firth of Lorn illegal scallop dredging

Kelp benefits: Scottish seaweed tops food trends

Who’s driving the future of conservation? Ordinary people

Marine protected areas: examining the evidence

Scot Gov announce additional funds to accelerate 4 MPAs

Green light for new salmon farm off Isle of Rum

The Seagrass that could save oysters from climate change

Plastic pollution on coral reefs increases disease

#NaeStrawAtAw campaign keeps growing!

Scottish Crown Estate reform bill introduced

Antarctica’s Weddell Sea deserves protected status

Climate change through the eyes of a politician

Electric pulse trawling vs beam trawling

Save Scottish Seas: Ocean fronts uncovered

Scapa Flow microplastics at industrial levels

Sturgeon steps into Manx scallop fishing row

Scientists use hydroacoustics to survey abundance in MPAs

Breaking news! EU-wide ban on electric pulse fishing

EU parliament to decide future of pulse fishing

Groups claim EU allowed electro pulse fishing on false grounds

Scottish Government to move on plastic cotton buds ban

EU to hold UK to fishing quotas during Brexit transition

Richard Lilley: Seagrass meadows as Natural Capital

Forecasting erosion around Scotland’s coast

UK ban on plastic microbeads now in place

Calum Duncan: What Scots flush is adding to planetary crisis