About the Network

Scotland’s seas are home to a wealth of wildlife, but face serious threats from unsustainable and destructive fishing practices, open-net salmon aquaculture, and other human activities. Coastal communities have experienced the results of the mismanagement of Scotland’s seas first-hand, and yet their voices are often left unheard in management decisions.

In 2014, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) partnered with local organisation COAST to develop support for coastal communities and bring together a network of community-led voices for marine protection in Scotland. What emerged was the Coastal Communities Network – a collaboration of 22 individual community-based groups united by their belief that locally appropriate action is needed for nature recover in ways that work for people and communities.

FFI helps individudal members of CCN realise their own ambitions for marine protection by supporting them to establish their own operations and governance, raise their own funds, and develop their own initiatives. Together, and supported by the CCN Coordinator at FFI, the Network engages with politicans and others to advocate for better protection of Scotland’s seas.

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