CCN Gathering


Every two years, CCN members, friends and supporters come together for a weekend of networking, knowledge-sharing and discussion. The coastal communities workshops have become known as “Gartmore” after the house which hosts CCN during these events.

The first workshop (Gartmore 1) in May 2016 spurred the development of the Network itself, and agreement was reached to continue this valuable forum on a biannual basis. It was hoped that the workshop would enable participants to increase their knowledge, feel more connected, be better positioned to maintain communications and be inspired to take the next steps to meet the aspirations of their own group.

The next event (Gartmore 2) took place in May 2018 and aimed to build on the success of the previous workshop, by bringing coastal community groups together again to share experiences and build collaboration. A core focus was discussion around the Coastal Communities Network, how the Network could function, and how a participatory design process could be taken forward. Ultimately, the main goal was for groups to identify shared issues and priorities, which they could work on together or support one another in.

Unfortunately, the pandemic delayed the next workshop (Gartmore 3) from the planned date of March 2020, but we were finally able to bring CCN members together in October 2021. As well as continuing to provide a valuable space for communities to come together, the core focus of the third workshop was the future development of the Network.

Gartmore House