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Orkney Skate Trust
OST was established in 2010 after the research of Daniel Wise, who worked as a commercial diver, but had an academic background in marine biology. Daniel began to take an interest in the local population of Flapper Skate, which he would occasionally come into contact with during diving operations. He began recording Flapper Skate sightings at this point and, incorporating information from other divers, produced GIS maps of Flapper Skate sightings as well as records of live, in-situ egg cases.

Building on this foundation, Daniel decided to implement a project similar to the tag and release fishing programme based on the west coast of Scotland, managed by the Glasgow Museum – a project with over 3 decades of data. To achieve this Daniel established the Orkney Skate Trust – a voluntary group focused on researching and conserving the Orkney Flapper Skate population.