Seal pup cut free from net in Western Isles

Seal Entangled
© British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR)

A seal pup has been saved after getting tangled up in a length of plastic net in the Western Isles.

The five-week-old grey seal pup was found on a beach near North Tolsta on Lewis.

David Yardley, local area coordinator of British Divers Marine Life Rescue, and helper Lyndsey Dubberley managed to free the animal by cutting it free.

Mr Yardley said: “The rope had gone round its neck and it’s incredible it was not strangled.

“They have some blubber around their necks which would have helped it.”

“We did not expect to find the pup alive after first being told about it on Sunday, but it was in a remarkably good condition considering.

He added: “We have seen some horrific injuries this year and this highlights the need to keep our seas clean – particularly from plastic.”

Marine plastic pollution has become an increasing problem, and has been highlighted in episodes of the BBC’s Blue Planet II documentary series.

Scientists in Scotland have also been raising awareness on the issue.

Read the full article at BBC News and visit the BDMLR website.

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