Opportunity Board

The board shares open opportunities from the groups linked in to the Network, or other relevant organisations.  We also aim to link together those looking for research or volunteering placements with groups looking to host placements – for example, students seeking summer opportunities and groups with open research questions.  Please get in touch with anything to share.


Paid or Voluntary Posts with Network Groups

There are currently no open positions with Network groups.


Other Opportunities

The Local Pilots Scheme enables community bodies and local authorities to take on land and property to test new and innovative ways of sustainable development.  Scottish Crown Estate assets include seabed, just under half of Scotland’s foreshore and 37,000 ha of rural land across four estates. These are home to moorings, pontoons, fish farms, agricultural farms and more.

The Crown Estate Scotland Pilot Scheme was launched on 20th June and is open for first round applications until 16th August. The Scheme is open to all kinds of appropriately set up groups including community organisations and public bodies.

Projects can be large or small scale and address as many aspects of management, and types of asset, as is relevant.  Included in the Scheme are almost all the Scottish Crown Estate assets and there is the opportunity for managers of the assets to retain a suitable fee for their work.

More information on the scheme and application procedure here.

Research and Volunteering Exchange

If you have a research or voluntary placement in mind please get in touch to post it here.

Seeking a placement?  Email us with some details!

Some of the Network Groups are seeking extra support with fundraising, desk-based research and report writing over the busy Spring/Summer season and would be delighted to hear from any volunteers with specific skills in these areas.  If this sounds like you, please get in touch by email at info@communitiesforseas.scot!

Are you looking for extra hands on deck over the busy summer months?  Perhaps you are seeking extra support with planned surveys or outreach activities?  If so, get in touch with us at info@communitiesforseas.scot!