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If you want to influence government decisions and policies relating to issues you are concerned about within Scotland, then responding to government consultations is one way to do so.

Consultation responses are a good way to get your community’s voice heard on local and national issues that are important to you, and they can also help with organising your group or seeking clarity and consensus around issues your community wants to speak on collectively.

Below are relevant (marine/coastal/environmental/community empowerment) consultations which may be of interest to you or your coastal community group.

You can also visit Citizen Space – the Scottish Government’s consultation hub – which lists all consultations, or sign up for their consultation email updates.

The seas around Scotland cover an area six times larger than the land area. Whether or not you live or spend time near the coast, Sea Scotland want to hear the views of young people (11-26 years) from across Scotland about our seas.  Your answers will be shared at this year’s Sea Scotland conference to promote youth views and to explore the role of young people and communities in decisions about how our seas are used and protected.

The survey will be open until 23rd May, and Young Scot Rewards can be claimed on completing the survey.

Take the survey

Find out more at Sea Scotland.

Please note this survey is only open to those aged 11 – 26 years.

Loch Carron was designated as an emergency MPA in May 2017, following confirmation of damage to sensitive seabed habitats in the area. An urgent Marine Conservation Order (MCO) was put in place at the same time to manage fisheries activity.

The existing urgent MPA and MCO are still in place in Loch Carron. However, an MPA designated on an urgent basis only lasts f or a maximum of two years. Normal procedures for protected area designations, including public consultation, need to be undertaken to designate a permanent MPA.

Therefore, the two items below are the subject of this public consultation:

  • Proposal to designate Loch Carron as a nature conservation Marine Protected Area (MPA) to protect flame shell beds and maerl beds with an updated site boundary.
  • Proposal to make a Marine Conservation Order (MCO) to further the stated conservation objectives for the Loch Carron MPA

Read more here.

Opening Date: 20 March 2018

Closing Date: 13 June 2018

Responses published on: Expected 15 Dec 2018

The purpose of this consultation is to gather views from stakeholders on the addition of secondary legislation under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to introduce a ban on the manufacture and the sale of plastic-stemmed cotton buds. The proposed bans aim to further protect our seas from plastic pollution.

The Scottish Government is seeking the views of any organisation or individual with an interest in these matters to ensure introducing secondary legislation fully addresses the environmental threat of plastic pollution caused by plastic-stemmed cotton buds entering our seas.

Read more, and submit your response online here.

Opening Date: 27 April 2018

Closing Date: 22 June 2018

Responses published on: TBC