Marine conservation studies set for Skye and Lochalsh

Skye, SSSi, Loch Eishort
Loch Eishort, SSSi

An awareness event to mark the launch of a new marine conservation project is due to be held in the south of Skye later this month, as a marine conservation group gets set to deploy measures to address marine pollution and climate change in the Skye and Lochalsh area.

A remotely operated vehicle, named the Blue ROV2, has been secured by The South Skye Seas Initiatives (SSSI), with plans in place to map out the habitats and species found in the west coast waters to inform people of the rich coastal and marine environment present.

Funding for the underwater technology has come from Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Skye Branch and the William Grant Foundation.

The event is set to take place on Thursday 28 February at 7.30pm and is being hosted by the Sleat Community Trust’s Environment Advisory Group at the new community hub, An Crubh in Sleat.

Members of the public are set to be given the opportunity to see first-hand the SSSI’s latest piece of technological equipment, with the group anticipating deployment being possible from April onwards when underwater surveys are due to get underway.

The south Skye group are seeking to recruit further volunteers to assist in conducting studies, with additional cameras set to be used by people utilising kayaks and paddle boards to reach the shallower areas, allowing a full study to take place.

Plans are also in place for an experienced marine biologist to engage with young people through low tide shore walks, to encourage the next generation to become custodians of the coastal communities and marine environment.

This article was originally published as Awareness event to be held as marine conservation studies set to be carried out in Skye and Lochalsh at The Press and Journal on 13/02/19.

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