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The Knoydart Foundation was established in 1997 by members of the Knoydart community to enable them to take ownership of around 17000 acres of the peninsula in 1999 through community buyout. The Knoydart peninsula is not connected to the mainland road network, therefore only accessible on foot or by boat, and is part of a National Scenic Area.  The Foundation works in partnership with other organisations such as the Knoydart Forest Trust and the John Muir Trust and aims to manage the estate as an area of employment and settlement without detriment to its natural beauty; it seeks and encourages the preservation of its landscape, wildlife, natural resources, culture and rural heritage.

The Ranger Service provides information and advice to residents and visitors to Knoydart, to assist them to enjoy the outdoors. Ranger Service conservation, volunteering and educational activities are part funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, and partly through Ranger projects and services, which include public and private walks and tours, management of Long Beach Campsite and Knoydart Carbon Cycle Hire.

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The Foundation’s VISION for the land is for an area of diverse flourishing habitats with their full potential of native flora and fauna, supporting a thriving community that offers a warm welcome to visitors.

The overall AIM is to preserve, enhance and develop Knoydart for the well being of the community and the environment.


To enhance habitats with native flora and fauna to achieve optimum natural productivity.

To continue with the existing environmental monitoring and increase where necessary and to utilise results in addressing grazing pressure.

To protect and identify features of cultural/heritage significance.

To achieve a healthier deer herd.

To ensure visitor and local land user levels are monitored to assess environmental impact and carrying capacity.

To facilitate environmentally sustainable economic activity.

To inform and educate visitors on environmental issues through awareness, participation and responsible practices.

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