Friends of Loch Creran

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Friends of Loch Creran are based around Loch Creran, Argyll, which is an MPA designated for nationally important flame shell beds, as well as being a Special Conservation Area (SCA) for serpulid and horse mussel reefs. Loch Creran is the only known site in the UK to contain living serpulid reefs and there are no known occurrences of similarly abundant reefs in Europe.

Friends of Loch Creran is an un-constituted group, who seek to fully protect this critically important ecosystem, and have been working alongside other CCN members to urge regulators to actively look into the recorded declines in the Loch’s reefs.  FoLC are campaigning about the growing industrialisation of Loch Creran, in particular, and other areas of the West Coast of Scotland. They are hoping to encourage more strict regulation of the aquaculture industry and to push for greater environmental protection for Scotland’s threatened coastline.

There are already two multinational aquaculture companies operating on the loch, Scottish Sea Farms and Gael Force Fusion.

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